This past weekend has been eventful because my area was hit with a blizzard!

As many of you know, if it is winter, I do want there to be snow.  If it is just cold, without snow, I feel like there is no point.  Well, it seems as though I got a heavy dose of snow and cold all at once!

I stayed safe and warm inside the whole weekend.  Luckily, we didn’t lose electricity (my worst nightmare).  But today I am still stranded because the plow has not arrived to plow us out!  Due to this, I figured it was a great time to catch up with my blog readers.  Here are some pictures from the weekend:


A view of the snow. I like the way it accumulates on the window panes.


When I opened the back door, there were several feet of snow piled up. My cat, Emma, examined the situation.


Paw prints in the snow…I wonder who did that? 🙂

xoxo Rachel


14 thoughts on “Blizzard

  1. We got hit as hard as you. Surprising, because forecasters were not expecting as much in the New York area. I made the best of it, and cooked and baked for my growing family. Love your blog!

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