Italian Christmas 

Christmas is such an exciting season. One thing that I always enjoy doing is baking! Each Christmas I have the opportunity to make fun new treats, and it seems like I always revert back to the classics. I am Italian, not 100% like my grandma, but nonetheless, Italian. It seems like I clutch that piece of my heritage tighter than any other parts that make up my cultural identity since it gives me an excuse to make classic Italian treats like a pro. 

Today I made an iconic Italian speciality: a butter cookie with raspberry jam filling, dipped in chocolate, and garnished with sprinkles. Every bake shop in little Italy has these cookies, and I decided this was the year I was going to make them the star of my Christmas cookie collection (say that three times fast!). Well let me tell you, these cookies are spectacular and even if you aren’t Italian, people will think you are, thanks to my help! 


For the cookies, just make a butter cookie recipe. I followed this one from Martha Stewart. To make the cookies in fun uniform shapes, use a spritz cookie press. I like the one from OXO; it’s the highest quality around. Bake the cookies at 350 for about 10 minutes. Once the cookies have cooled, spread store bought (or homemade!) raspberry jam between two cookies. Dip the sandwiched cookies in melted semi sweet chocolate (just melt regular semi sweet chocolate chips in the microwave until smooth!) and garnish with some sprinkles. 

I hope you enjoy having an Italian Christmas! 

xoxo Rachel 



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