Garden Veggies and a Curious Kitty Cat

Emma, my adorable cat, is incredibly intuitive and curious about people, objects, and shoes (she has an obsession over crawling into people’s shoes or rubbing against them). She also likes to help out in the kitchen… 


When I harvested some garden vegetables, I wasn’t surprised Emma was right there, ready to get in on the action.  


Unfortunately for her, the vegetables remained in their vegetative state and didn’t scurry away like one of her toy mice. The vegetables also didn’t smell or taste like Fancy Feast®™. Emma might have been mildly discouraged, but I couldn’t be any happier. I love fresh garden vegetables! 


I got some nice cucumbers, juicy vine ripened tomatoes, and an eggplant.

Emma was amused nonetheless. She followed me around watching me clean the vegetables and then cut up a cucumber and tomato. I playfully offered her a bite, but apparently cucumbers and tomatoes do not suit her taste. She knew I was only teasing. Instead I gave her some Fancy Feast®™, because after all, she was such a good helper…wait! What did Emma do to help? 

xoxo Rachel 


4 thoughts on “Garden Veggies and a Curious Kitty Cat

  1. Hi Rachel,
    Oh that little Emma is adorable and very inquisitive.
    The vegetables look delicious. Wonderful fresh produce.
    Love your blog
    xo Mamie

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