Sunsets & Writing

Writing is like a sunset. It is beautiful, awe-inspiring, and fleeting. At one moment I’ll be flooded with magnificent words and tremendous thoughts, but in another moment, my mind will go dark, and my story will set.

I realize that writing is an outlet for me. I write often. In fact, practically every other night I am up, furiously typing away on my computer keyboard, about something. Most souls have not seen the majority of my work, only the tip of the iceberg. And what a segue but Earnest Hemingway once said, “write hard and clear about what hurts.” It’s not that I am up late at night logging all of my mundane life experiences, it is simply because “paper is more patient than people” as Anne Frank notes.

As the epitome of an extrovert, and an extremely charismatic person, it is difficult for people to see the quieter side of me. In a social setting, I am rambunctious, talkative, and enthusiastic. I thrive on meeting new people and I enjoy a lively social setting. I am a business major, hence I have a go-getter attitude. I don’t back down from confrontation, in fact, I enjoy it. Moreover, I like being direct with people (unfortunately sometimes causing unintentional emotional chaos for the other parties involved, due to my blunt way of speaking).

Non-coincidentally, most people know me as this eccentric, full-of-life, person who does not have a problem expressing the truth, and adding a witty comment at an unexpected time. Very few people know my quiet, deeply nurturing, and emotional side. With that being said, writing lets me express myself. It brings me stability. The pen is indeed mightier than the sword, for me.

Similarly, this blog has given me stability. Though I may go on a hiatus or two, I always come back to it. I find I am able to reach my blog readers on some level. I am able to communicate with clarity and non-judgement.

My goal is to inspire others, and make them think unconventionally. My hope is that when a person reads my writing they take away something. I always look forward to, and hope for comments. But sometimes I do not receive this. And that is okay. Not everything needs to be commented on. What I publish on this blog is similar to a sunset; it just needs to be seen before it sets.



xoxo Rachel


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