Hot Tea

When I was younger, I would host tea parties with my younger brothers quite frequently. I fancied the idea of a proper English tea time, so I replicated it on a smaller scale. Our tea parties would be complete with tea sandwiches, small cookies, various teas, delicate china – the works!

Now, I do not have the elaborate tea parties I used to host with my younger brothers. I do, nonetheless, drink tea often. I find tea is an experience. In fact, one of my favorite tea brands, ‘Yogi Tea’ puts positive little messages on each tea bag paper. I think it has become almost ritualistic, on my behalf, because each time I open the tea I look for the message.

The messages they print are different per each bag; hence, with each cup of tea I drink, I have the opportunity to read a message and let it mentally “sink in.” I like knowing that by the end of my tea, I will feel mentally renewed.

xoxo Rachel




3 thoughts on “Hot Tea

  1. What flavors does the tea brand offer? Is the value or taste better compared to other brands? I love the inspirational messages, but i fear paying more than usual on tea that only have a few extra words printed on them. Thanks!

    • Excellent question Ellen! The brand offers several flavors. My favorite is their detox tea which is slightly spicy with dandelion root. I cannot find any other tea like it – so it is a staple. The other flavors I don’t mind having from other brands. The inspirational messages are special to me regardless. All in all I think it is worth it for my tea experience.

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