Kitty Cat

I remember the day I met Emma. It was October 8th 2012. She was sleeping in one of those “playpens” they put cats in at the local pet store. Her left paw was covering her eye and her tail was curled up around her body, tucking her in.

When she awoke from her little cat nap, we took her into a special room and “let her loose.” She scurried around happily. We asked her if she wanted to go home with us, and she responded by excitedly rushing up to the door to leave.

From that day forward, Emma was a member of the family. I remember coming home mid-day and seeing her little face peering out nervously from behind the corner of the wall because she didn’t know who was “intruding.”

Even now, she is still a little scaredy cat, but she is friendly nonetheless. It is always amusing to watch how she interacts with guests. The moment the doorbell rings, she is there to greet whomever walks through the door. Subsequently, when the guest takes off his or her shoes, she uses it as an opportunity to try to shove herself inside.

I remember when she was smaller and my neighbor came over for a visit. He took off his shoes and the second he left them unattended Emma was right there trying to climb inside. No one has quite understood her obsession with shoes, but I don’t blame her because I like shoes too.

She is the sweetest little kitty and I love her dearly. Without her, my life would be far less thrilling. After all, who would leave me little play mice as a present? Who would knock my little hand carved birdie off my desk? Who would steal my jewelry and try to drop it in the trash? Oh and most of all, who would I thank for chewing up so many Apple product charging cords? […]

Emma and I share a special bond. Sometimes I feel like we are just two little kitty cats, while other times I am assured she believes she is a human! I will admit, she is quite spoiled, but she deserves it because she is so precious.

xoxo Rachel

Photo on 2-18-13 at 12.47 PM









2 thoughts on “Kitty Cat

  1. Hi Rachel,
    Emma is adorable, love the photos. I really think Emma is almost human and she is quite the intelligent cat, very stylish too. Checking herself out in the Mirror just to make sure everything is “purr fect”

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