Sushi: A Simple Life Pleasure

Nutella. Books. Popcorn. Yoga: all some of my simple life pleasures I’ve mentioned here. Yet, some how I’ve omitted sushi (the mysterious, yet oddly addicting food from Japan)! In case you are blindly unaware, I have a thing for sushi.


There’s this little place downtown, in a good old-fashioned college town, where my friend and I walk, rain or shine (although it always seems like it’s about to rain) to get sushi. Each time, we get butterflies in our stomachs because the dimly lit interior makes it appear they are closed. To our relief, they are always open. The place is casual, and the sushi is spectacular.


Together, we sit and discuss a wide variety of topics with exuberance and assiduity. With our mouths too full to speak, conversation pauses momentarily. In that moment, we gaze out the window that is conveniently located beside “our” table. Things seem to move in slow motion. The hustle and bustle of people and vehicles seems to idle for a few seconds. In these spaces between seconds, I realize it’s not just sushi which is a simple life pleasure of mine, but it is the time I spend sharing it with my friend.

xoxo Rachel


6 thoughts on “Sushi: A Simple Life Pleasure

  1. Hi Rachel,
    Although, I have never tried Sushi, I am now looking forward to this experience.
    Your blog on the Sushi made my mouth craving, you have described it beautifully.

  2. I absolutely love sushi………Your pictures are making me hungry. Quick, I need to jump in a cab (or walk) in the rain/snow and get the most delicious sushi in my area.

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