Squarebar is a gluten, dairy, and soy free organic protein bar sweetened with low glycemic coconut nectar available in three flavors: Cocoa Almond, Cocoa Crunch, and Cocoa Coconut.

Squarebar is packed with 11-12 grams of protein, which makes it a great go-to snack! The best part (in my opinion) is that each bar is totally covered in chocolate!


Squarebar began in the San Francisco kitchen of husband and wife Sarah & Andrew Gordon. After battling asthma most all her life, Sarah discovered that eliminating inflammatory foods like gluten, dairy, soy, and processed sugars freed her from medication. It’s been more than five years since her last attack, and she no longer keeps an inhaler in the house.”


Squarebar launched March 2012 at Natural Products Expo West and is now nationally distributed… growth built on our belief that Ingredients Matter Most . [Squarebar] sources only the most nutrient-dense organic and non-gmo foods, and work directly with farmers to ensure an ethical path from crop to bar.”


Review: These bars are addicting! I am a huge chocolate lover, so these are perfect for when I want [need] chocolate! The Cocoa Crunch is my favorite variety because it is chocolate to the max, all the way through. Cocoa Coconut reminds me a super healthy version of an Almond Joy Bar. The coconut flavor is not too overwhelming. Cocoa Almond is a great nut and chocolate combination. I liked how there were not huge chunks of almond. These bars also didn’t have a “protein-bar” taste. Upon my first bite, I was hesitant if there was going to be a funky aftertaste, but there was not!

IMG_8885.JPGThank you to Squarebar for sending me a sample! And as a special treat to all my lovely readers, Sarah created an exclusive discount code! Please enter the code “cottagehouse” at the end of checkout for 20% OFF +FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING!!

xoxo Rachel


10 thoughts on “Squarebar

  1. Hi Rachel, I found squarebar via an instagram page! The bars always looked good in their pictures, but I wasn’t sure how they would taste! Your review inspired me to order!

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