Grilling Vegan Style

I love grilled food. Adore it. It’s sophisticated, yet effortlessly casual. When John Schlimm introduced his new book, Grilling Vegan Style, I was ecstatic!

I was even lucky enough to get a personally signed copy by the ingenious John Schlimm himself!

I was so impressed by the content in Grilling Vegan Style! Absolutely stunning photography, brilliant recipes, and a clean, unique, layout .

I cannot wait to make these vegan s’mores!!!

All in all, this is a marvelous cookbook, a great resource for grilling vegans and non-vegans alike, as well as the casual cook! Please go and check out this book for yourself – I know it is available at Barnes and Noble (and hey, maybe you can find him at an event, he’s very friendly and personable by the way).

xoxo Rachel

5 thoughts on “Grilling Vegan Style

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