Peppermint Patties

I’ve been thinking lately…of candy…

Over the weekend I figured out a recipe to make my own fabulous Reese’s Cups. Boy was I impressed! My brothers stopped by to sample them, and they were gone within hours. In fact, my one brother, Garret, was so impressed that he made an order for the Reese’s Cups so that he could have them at a get-together he was hosting. Lucky for you, my little cottage readers, you will be able to get the inside scoop to that recipe soon. But in the mean time, with my new-found confidence in candy making, I decided to wrack my brain and think of a way to make the little confection myself. Fortunately for me, I think I nailed the combination.


Use a half a can of sweetened condensed milk, and mix it with sifted confectioners sugar until it thickens, and is less sticky. Add peppermint extract to your taste.

Next, “powder” your hands with confectioners sugar and roll the “peppermint dough” into little balls, then flatten them into patties. Let them dry for about 1.5  hours, making sure to flip them over to the other side half-way through the process. Freeze the patties for about 15 minutes. They should end up looking like lovely little baby pizza dough patties.

Then melt some semi-sweet chocolate with a little Crisco in a bowl in the microwave. Take your darling patties and dip them in the liquid chocolate. Freeze the chocolate covered patties again for about 15 minutes, or until set.

And then… devour! And I must say, I really do think my peppermint patties actually taste better than their New York cousins! Stay tuned though, because now I’m wracking my brain to figure out a way to make this recipe with less sugar… or sugar-free…

xoxo Rachel


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    Was just browsing other blogs and I came across this. I noticed a “reblog” button and since I was thinking “I have to try this!” … posting it to my blog so I can share sounds like the perfect solution!

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